IASO Cloud Service


IASO Cloud Service

"High-security and Low-price Cloud Service, collaboratively achieved with  NTT Communications."

"From your network construction to data management, we offer a secure environment to use IASO."

    • IASO R7®
    • IASO G3®
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IASO Cloud Service system configuration diagram

IASO Cloud Service system configuration diagram

Via the internet, the latest version of IASO always accessible online. The communication uses SSL encryption protocol for security.


The server is located in NTT Communications Data Center, equipped with a sophisticated security and the highest level of disaster resistance.

NTT Communications Corporation


IASO Project Team keep the system maintained and updated via VPN.

SINET* connection accepted.

"The Science Information Network (SINET) is a Japanese academic backbone network for more than 800 universities and research institutions. It connects many research facilities in such fields as seismology, space science, high-energy physics, nuclear fusion, computing science, and so on. It is now being used by over 2 million users and supports international research collaboration through international lines. SINET5 began operations in April 2016, and it replaces the previous SINET4." width=

Lisence Price [Monthly]

IASO R7 ¥69,000 ¥83,000 ¥97,000 ¥111,000 ¥125,000
IASO G3 ¥60,000 ¥64,500 ¥69,000 ¥73,500 ¥78,000

* "License" means the simultaneous access number.

System Requirements

Windows OS Microsoft Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome / Firefox
MAC OS Google Chrome / Firefox / Safari