June 2020NEW

Monthly subscription plan of "IASO Cloud Service" is now availabe!

The low-priced "IASO Cloud Service", designed for small-scale users is now available.
As a monthly flat-rate service, the latest version of IASO is always accessible online.


May 2019

"IASO Cloud Service" has been connected to SINET!

"IASO Cloud Service" has been connected to the Science Information Network "SINET*", as a cloud service provider.

* The Science Information Network (SINET) is a Japanese academic backbone network for more than 800 universities and research institutions.
It connects many research facilities in such fields as seismology, space science, high-energy physics, nuclear fusion, computing science, and so on. It is now being used by over 2 million users and supports international research collaboration through international lines.
SINET5 began operations in April 2016, and it replaces the previous SINET4.