Responsible care & Risk reduction Continuous evolutionary history of IASO. New generation of chemical management system.

Various kinds of chemicals present in the environment around us and we can benefit a lot from them. While they enrich our life, they can sometimes cause a fatal accidents if we do not manage properly. In accordance with the regulations tightening recent years, the international community demands chemical users themselves to manage chemicals strictly and properly, and minimize the risks to human and the environment. It is an era in which the users voluntary implement Responsible care and Risk reduction, not to mention compliance with the regulations. Systematical chemical management leads to constant risk management of your entire organization.

Since it was released in 1999, IASO series boasts a million-plus accumulative users, and it has become the de facto standard in chemical management system in Japan. And now, IASO has been updated to the new "IASO R7", equipped with the latest trendy features and the next-generation interface based on feedback from the actual users and managers of chemical. IASO R7 exerts versatile performance supports your task in any environment.

Make daily routines easier and more certain. Intuitive chemical management as never before.


All the daily tasks, such as registering chemicals, Check-out/Return, and disposal, printing management barcode (including QR Codes), and so forth, can be done on Web browser. One-click to retrieve information about chemicals, stock status, and SDS.

Basic operation [check-out]


IASO Serial Connector (ISC) is a newly developed electronic balance driver specifically meant for IASO. By installing ISC, electronic balance data can be communicated on various types of web browser.

Chemical usage record

IASO R7 records the details of chemical usage: "When", "Who", "From Where", "What Chemical", "What Purpose" and "How Much", point by point. The history of every single bottle is referable anytime.

Extensive database

Reagent database of KANTO CHEMICAL CO., INC., includes approx. 50,000 of reagent data, is pre-installed. The database of other companies are optionally available as well.

Chemical name (Japanese/English) / Container classification / PRTR No. / Grade / Catalog No. / SDS / Package / Regulation / Storage condition / CAS No.

Chemical registration

"Just three steps to register a chemical to IASO R7. / 1. Scan the product barcode on the label. The chemical information referred from the database will be displayed on the screen. / 2. Enter the storage location and other necessary information. / 3. Label ""IASO Barcode"" on the container and register as identification code."

New Option

"Subdivide registration" function optionally available . When you subdivide a chemical from large cans/gallon bottles into smaller portions, you can register those individually, with the  original bottle data.

Chemical search

IASO R7 is equipped with two types of search functions. Quick search: Search with any words. Specific search: Filter a search with selected specific details, such as Chemical name, Manufacturer, Regulation, and so forth.

  • Check-out/Return
  • Chemical registration
  • Storage location change
  • Waste registration
  • Inventory
  • Ordering notes
  • Barcode print
  • Cica-Web
  • Subdivide regstration

Option IASO R7 Mobile

For Check-out/Return registration in a room with no PC or outside. It interactively works with main system, on synchronized data. Carry IASO in your pocket.

  • With Bluetooth barcode reader (optional device), you can register faster.
  • SDS accessible on smartphone or tablet.

Anytime, anywhere, efficient, and comfort. On a smartphone or a tablet, IASO Mobile lets you manage chemicals wherever you are.

  • Check-out/Return
  • Chemical registration
  • Storage location change
  • Inventory
  • Waste registration
  • Subdivide regstration


Data registered or recorded on CHEMICAL MANAGER can be aggregated in real time. Easy and quick listing with smart functions such as "Search criteria save" and "Sort".

Stock list

You can check the Stock status sorted by Storage location, Regulations, or Chemical type.

Total consumption list

Aggregate the chemical consumption amount and make a list sorted by Regulations, Use purpose, or User, you set. The aggregation period is configurable as well.

Designated quantity computing

Compute the stockpile of hazardous material to designated quantity, based on the regulations, and list it up in a multiple number. Further, it can list up the inventory of appropriate chemicals of each category. (e.g. Class IV Petroleums/Alchols, in Japan)

Inventory list

Upon stock-taking, you can check “Inventory list”, “Discrepancy list”, and “Inventory pending confirmation.” Every stock-take outcomes are saved, and hence you can check past stock-take outcomes.

PRTR list

Certain types of chemicals are subject to PRTR law. IASO R7 can compute and list up their “Purchase amount”, “Emission/Transfer amount”, and “Stockpile” for submit to the authority.

New Features

"Sort function" and "Aggregation criteria saving function" for listing has been added as a new feartures.

  • Stock list
  • Used amount  list
  • Designated quantity computing
  • Chemical record list
  • Inventory list
  • Shelf life list
  • Warehousing/Empty bottle list
  • PRTR list
  • Waste list
  • Consumption list
  • Designated quantity computing
  • Estimated property list
  • Unused bottle list
  • Abnormal Increace-Decreace list
  • Invalid use list
  • Expired bottle list
  • Comment search


All the settings, including a variety of Masters, Message registration, and Authority to use, can be configured in MAINTENANCE MANAGER.


IASO R7 is equipped with two types of messaging methods. All users message: Send message to all the users. Group message: Send messages to a specific group of people. Messages concerning Master Application status (Applying/Registration completed) is sent out automatically."

Authority pattern

Administrator can set authority to grant to each user account. By using "Authority pattern registration (privileged feature for Adiministrator account)", administrator can swiftly and accurately set authorities to multiple accounts.

Master maintenance

You can register, alter, and delete a variety of Masters including "Chemical Master", "User Master", and "Storage Location Master."

Master application

The Master Screeen will open by clicking the "Application No." that appears on the Message Screen.

System maintenance

You can configure basic settings affects the entire system, including "Back up/Restore", "Essential item", "Expiration data", and so forth. "Master Registration/Application history" and each of Master (expect for Chemical Master) is downlodable in CSV format.

New Feature

"Image registration function" has been added. Registered images are displayed on "Chemical Registration", "Chemical Information", and so forth.

  • Message
  • Group Master
  • User Master
  • Chemical Master
  • Distributor Master
  • Regulation Master
  • Disposal type Master
  • Container type Master
  • Master application
  • System maintenance
  • Second language